Airborne Down Link Terminals

Small, Light, High Power, Efficient, Flexible

Complete Airborne Terminals capable of over 100 mile range can be installed adding less than 20 lb & 150 watts to the surveillance equipment suite.

Sonora Systems will assist with aircraft integration, FAA certification and will manage your FCC authorization process.

Multiple Simultaneous Aircraft

Simultaneous video feeds from multiple aircraft can be supported by small frequency separation of the transmitted digital signals.  The narrow bandwidth, sharp cut off and very low side lobes of modern digital TV modulation make Sonora Systems transmitters very clean spectral neighbors and allow more users within a given band.  Bandwidths as narrow as 2.5 MHz are readily available and separation of users by only 1 MHz is typical.

Air-to-Air Receivers

Air-to-Air sharing of video with an on-board receiver guarantees error free hand-off of a surveillance target between aircraft as well as automated slewing and slaving of cameras on a second or third aircraft or UAV.  This same receiver provides pre-flight and in-flight  verification of the entire surveillance suite.  The small rugged packaging of portable hand held receivers make them an ideal passive, carry-on suite accessory.

Long Range, Line-Of-Sight (LOS)

Sonora digital video links are rarely limited by the range of the radio link.  The graph above illustrates achievable LOS range as a function of the altitude of the surveillance aircraft.

Integration and Certification

Sonora Systems assists clients throughout the FCC frequency authorization process and FAA Airworthiness Certification documentation.