Portable Hand Held Video Receivers

Rugged, Hand Held to Pocket Size, Video Receivers

Sonora Systems offers a wide variety of portable hand-held video receivers.  These simple, easy-to-use, battery powered units are designed for the rugged environment of mobile field use.   They come in a wide range of sizes, 1 to 7 lbs, driven primarily by battery longevity and screen size, 3″ to 8″ diagonal.


Sonora provides Tactical Receiver Kits with continuous power options, chargers, spare batteries, specialty antennas, interface cabling for remote displays and other accessories.  While the receivers themselves come from a variety of sources,  interoperability of these receivers within your existing system is guaranteed by Sonora regardless of original equipment manufacturer.


Low-Cost Commercial TV Industrial Base

Most Sonora receivers are built from commercially available digital television components and take advantage of low-cost, high reliability inherent in large volume electronics production.

Test Equipment

These low-cost units are essential for end-to-end airborne system pre-flight verification on high priority missions.